The Dietz Fashion Showroom brings Luxury, Comfort & Success

• We have curated our selection of designer brands (European & American) to address the different lifestyle of the German, Austrian and Swiss consumers who shop at our retailers. Our philosophy is to give the maximum attention and positioning for all our brands during and following the market as we work closely to fill needs at retail.

• Our retailers trust our expertise of knowing their businesses, the market opportunities and todays business climate. We present to them top branded collections with the best “return on investment” in this economic climate.

• We have worked for more than 20 years continuously with the best retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our reputation is flawless for meeting their assorted needs, timely information, servicing and support to their sales teams with marketing information and tools. The maximum possible turnover they achieve is a testament to our partnership and working relationship.

• We have experience and a contemporary management style as we continue to update our sales concepts and techniques. This makes us nimble, quicker and more effective to react to the new challenges of the industry. The situation in the market is at this moment changing dramatically.

• Our sales team, showroom environment and location is one of the best in Germany. The presentation of each and every brand conveys luxury and comfort to all our customers.

• Our service is perfect. We are always the partner of our customers and we realize what is possible for all of them. This is our daily work from the internal part of the company; the customers appreciate and trust our service.

“This is our passion and our obligation to watch them grow and make them successful.”
Stephan Dietz

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